Senior Front End Architect



Led development of enterprise web applications including insurance portal serving over 500,000 daily unique users.

Established client architecture, oversaw implementation, and coordinated work between multiple campuses of developers.

Developed JavaScript front end using React, Redux, and associated technologies.

Managed Webpack code bundle configurations and build process in all environments.

Founded and promoted weekly training sessions for front-end engineers. Coordinated schedule, encouraged developers to give talks, promoted topics, gave presentations.

Senior Front End Developer


Healthgrades, Inc

Front end engineer on large, public facing website serving over 1,000,000 daily unique users.

Served as front-end chapter lead - evangelizing best practices, guiding technology choices, and mentoring other developers.

Wrote JavaScript front end components using React and Redux. Leader of company-wide push to migrate to Redux.

Created stand-alone front end development environment to optimize component creation.

Senior Front End Developer


Echostar, LLC

Developed website targetting Dish Network satelite TV users.

Wrote content portal SPA website allowing users to watch shows & movies, check scheduling, and other features.

Software Engineer


LabJack Corporation

Supported line of physical world interface devices.

Designed and wrote new client interface application in C++ and Qt using the QWT graphical library.


Master of Science, Computer Science


Colorado School of Mines

Research Interests: Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Simulation, Web Programming.

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science


Colorado School of Mines