I was disappointed Hearthstone didn’t do a cardback for Valentine’s Day this year, so I made an original design for a Hearthstone card pack of my own!

More Hearthstone card packs:


Tanya’s masters of architecture application portfolio. She made everything over Christmas vacation and I think it came out great!


2014 was huge year, there were several events which would have been THE highlight of the year in previous years, but in 2014 have to share space with each other.

The year started with me quitting my job and leaving to Taiwan for three months to study Chinese. This turned out to be one of the best things I’ve ever done (and one of the hardest). Between the family I stayed with, the Nangang church, and friends I made elsewhere I feel like the people of Taiwan really took care of me. One of my favorite memories is sitting alone at a coffee shop when a middle age couple came up to me and started chatting. They were so nice! After a few minutes they offered to drive me around on a tour and I boldly accepted. They ended up taking me up into the mountains a ways to a tea farm. I can’t imagine that happening ever in the US, but in Taiwan it seemed fine.

One of the goals I’ve had for years has been to become conversational in a foreign language and this is the year I feel like I can actually say it’s happening! My Chinese has improved by leaps and bounds preparing for going, when I was in Taiwan, and even now that Skype chat weekly with two friends in Taiwan.

I have lots of posts about being in Taiwan on my other website LaoWai Gone Wild, I really loved being there. One of my biggest disappointments though was not being able to share it with anyone from home. A couple of friends who planned on coming out and Tanya too didn’t end up making it. This was a real disappointment to me because Taiwan is such a great place and so different from other places I’ve been. It was sad for me but really it’s sad for everyone else missing out!

We didn’t let that derail “us” though and we got engaged a few months after I got back! Now we’re looking forward to our wedding in July and a honeymoon to Taiwan. I can’t wait to finally show of Taiwan to Tanya (and Tanya to Taiwan!). As big as 2014 was 2015 could actually be bigger!