I’m old, I know this because I got dressed up and went on a fancy date for no reason but that I wanted to. That means fancy clothes, fancy dinner, and a fancy show!

We went out to eat at Vespa Dipping Grill in LoDo first, it easily earned all the recommendations I got for it. 5280 has it ranked as the #25 Top Restaurant and while I liked Sushi Den (#4) and Fruition (#2) better, Vesta is not far behind. The idea of the the restaurant is that you choose three dipping sauces with each entree for a mix of flavors in the same dish. This idea is _Genius_ in my opinion. With my duck breast I had a real mild mustard like sauce, a fruity but not sweet sauce, and finally this sweet and spicy ghost pepper sauce. The first two were good but the ghost pepper sauce was amazing, it really blew my mind. When you first try it all you taste is sweet flavor, but then after a couple of seconds fire starts to burn its way from the tip of your tongue up your mouth. It never got too hot but it never got old either (I really loved that sauce). For dessert I had a rosemary creme brulee, I didn’t really love the flavor but I think I’ll try it with other herbs and see if I like basil or mint better.

After dinner we went to the musical Hair at the Buell Theater. It was fun, they were obviously going for spectacle and they achieved that. The plot/theme of the show (and the plot was really more like a theme than a deep plot) was boring. The craziest part is right at the end of the first act when everyone gets totally naked for no discernible reason. Still, all in all it was fun :)

The evening was a lot of fun, I can’t wait to pull out my tie and do it again. :)